Of refined style, Leonor drapes the bust on corsetera soul and shows asymmetry in the skirt. It is made with silk mikado in a totally handmade way.


If there is one adjective that especially defines the Leonor design of the rest of haute couture bridal gowns is femininity. And it is deserved because its line underlines each and every one of the elements that make up the natural attraction of women:

      • The eternal seducer of the nude shoulders.
      • The beauty of the corset that perfectly draws the torax contouring the chest.
      • The subtlety with which the bias-cut skirt allows us to guess the gluteal and quadriceps musculature.

The body of the model shows a work of authentic craftsmanship known as moulage technique or draping and has been built by hand on the framework of a corset (representative garment of CRISTINA SAURA), which faithfully reproduces the measures of the female body.

The lower part of the bridal gown is a slightly deviated skirt whose peculiarity is its unique spiral-shaped seam. Along this seam runs a structure reminiscent of the popular flounce and reproduces the figure of a cone on one of the sides of the waist.

For the production of Leonor, silk mikado in ivory has been used for its exterior and cotton organza for its interior corsetry.