Greta is a wedding dress design by CRISTINA SAURA. It highlights the attractive transparency on its back.
Vestido de novia de linea columna con hombros redondeados y cola de capilla. Diseño CRISTINA SAURA.


Greta wedding dress

Greta is a jewellery wedding dress in minimalist style and romantic line that incorporates a subtle chapel tail. The design is made entirely by hand on silk georgette.


The Greta wedding dress is a design whose main fabric is the subtle transparency of the silk georgette, in ivory tone and embroidered with three different varieties of tiny pieces of rhinestones in tone, forming an irregular striping.
The garment consists of a blouse body, with a fallen shoulder and a “V” neckline, which crosses the front and drapes at the centre of the waist.
In the back, the body shows an opening from the base of the neck to the waist, and its edges are fastened in the center of the neckline with a handmade loop and a small button lined.
The skirt is apparently column line and is designed so that its back grows in volume to form a moderate tail.
There are two outstanding features of this design:
• its flattering aplomb, given that the georgette is a medium-weight item that adds to the weight of the embroidery,
• and transparency; evidencing the skin in necklines and shoulders, and giving a secondary protagonism to the byssus line shown under this layer.