Gracia is a haute couture silk chiffon wedding dress, fluid style, with halter neckline in the front and crossed skirt with volume. The piece shows all its finishes, as well as the buttonhole eyelets, handmade.


Gloria and her partner celebrate an intimate wedding in a few months, accompanied by the 2 babies of both and the closest nucleus of their families and friends.
She was looking for a wedding dress that was not “the typical wedding dress”, she confessed to having tried a few and did not recognize herself, it was not her, besides irritating her to have to go on a diet to lose 6 or 7 kilos and be “passable”, she was sheathed in one of them.
Gracia loved it. It seemed specially designed for her.

I remember the first scribbles and have in mind an idea of fresh, cheerful, vital, sweet and sexy dress.

The main features of this design are:

• The powdery appearance of its main fabric, silk chiffon, with all its finishes delicately handmade.
• The halter line of the body with pleats on the neckline strap that cascades over the chest and hip.
• The superposition of halter necklines and bathtub in the back of the body.
• The movement that contributes its skirt crossed with tail, where an exterior of gauze of silk is overlapped on another one of crepe satin.
• The handcrafted buttons on the side and neck, made of biases from the same main fabric.