The Valeria wedding dress is a creation of Haute Couture by CRISTINA SAURA.
Haute Couture wedding dress designed and built by CRISTINA SAURA and made in silk tulle pleated by hand.



Valeria is a design of Haute Couture of contained line “A” that conjugates the tradition of the handcrafted draping of tulle of silk, with the modernity of a theme of trend. The dress line totally defines the waist, leaving an attractive square neckline on the back.


Valeria’s aesthetics captivates with the subtle matt appeal of silk tulle, pleated in the most natural and beautiful way as it is “by hand”.  The conversation of the craftsman with the material imprints a seal of unmistakable quality to the construction.

The draped silk mesh, crosses on the chest of the design in the form of an aspa exposing the shoulders and giving rise to a pronounced square neckline in the back. The waist is wrapped horizontally as a high sash, underlining the waist and suspended vertically along the deviated skirt.

The base structure supporting the work is composed:

  • In the upper part of the dress, by 2 symmetrical pieces forming “X” that start under the chest in the direction of the shoulder diagonally opposite and continue their course constituting the back. The way in which it has been obtained is the combination of the technique of moulage or modeling on mannequin interpreted geometrically after traditional patternage.
  • The definition of the waist is due to the layout of a double waistband that totals 16 centimeters in height.
  • Finally the progressive volume of the skirt from the hip area has been obtained with the strategic situation in rigid triangular structures like cancan in its vise.

Valeria is made to measure for bride and it is possible to make it in black or in color a la carte.