Short wedding dresses for civil wedding. Haute Couture Design by CRISTINA SAURA. Precise corsetry, defines the body, and is built with geometric-flower lace theme.
Profile of the short wedding dresses design GALA of CRISTINA SAURA that allows to observe with detail the perfection and the professionalism in the cut of the patterns of the firm.



Gala is a dress with long midi and line “A”, corset style. The garment is made with lace in geometric and floral motifs.


Short wedding dresses are ideal if your wedding is a civil ceremony or if you are simply looking for a wedding dress to go to court and then eat with those closest to you.

Gala is a model with presence.
The choice of lace in a wedding gown is not a minor issue, and is that the richness of its framework takes a prominent role in the expressive capacity of the dress.
Look at the geometric and floral motifs that reproduce its texture and how they determine a particular atmosphere.

You won’t attract attention, but you won’t go unnoticed either.
The upper part of the dress reproduces a seductive theme of corsetry delimiting the chest and underlining the thorax and waist in detail.
The body is completed by covering the neckline with lace in the front, while in the back only in “V”.
The skirt line is moderately deviated and singularly flattering.

Gala’s design emphasizes defining the breast in a natural and especially beautiful way.

It is also appropriate if you are tall and want to emphasize your femininity.