The cut of the designer dresses of CRISTINA SAURA is expert and essentially unique.
Vestidos de diseñador. La diseñadora Cristina Saura conoce y domina los elementos del diseño, y los orquesta en cada diferente contexto. Conócela en Carrer del Comerç 1 de Barcelona.
CRISTINA SAURA o cuando el diseño sigue a la función. Vestidos de diseñador en Barcelona.



Carina is an elegant and comfortable ensemble made up of a Japanese blouse and skirt. Manufactured in crepe, it shows all its finishes by hand.


Carina is a sophisticated set of two pieces in carmine tone elaborated with heavy crepe.
The elegant and unusual interpretation of the Japanese line on her blouse, with boat neckline and neck in strap, catches his attention.
The bottom that accompanies, is a skirt design pants, which brings informality and freshness to the look, since it is a garment, forgotten by the way, whose origin is as functional as riding a bicycle.
The attractive appearance of the look is due not only to its architecture but, in large part, to the respectful manipulation of the piece in its artisan production process.
It is an appropriate set for both an informal meeting and a more serious event, taking care to coordinate some complements or others in each case.
The Carina model will bring modernity to your image and attractive to your figure .