Ariel is a Haute Couture design from the collection of Party Dresses by CRISTINA SAURA. It is elaborated in satin crepe of silk in suggestive red.
Sugerente escote en la espalda de Ariel; un diseño de Alta Costura de la colección de Vestidos de Fiesta de CRISTINA SAURA.



Ariel is a party dress of minimalist line and sophisticated style, designed for parties or events. This piece is dominated by an ideal distribution of volumes that give prominence to the body, with V-neckline, straps and partial nude back, while the skirt, of contained workmanship, is crossed. All finishes are handmade.


Ariel is a design of the collection of party dresses that is characterized by its expressive strength.
Sophistication is the word that defines her style, and is a consequence of her expert cut, but also minimalism, for the cleanliness in her structural line and the precision of her handcrafted finishes, which can be seen at a glance.
Add to this the vehemence of satin red and the aplomb of a noble article such as crepe.
It is appropriate to wear this suit in an evening or evening event in both summer and winter, and accompanied by a three-quarter long warm garment in the latter.
In both cases, wearing a pair of salon sandals is the perfect complement to this suggestive look.
Ariel awakens interest in the exclusivity of his original design and is ideal for you who can afford to do without the bra and have attractive shoulders.
I invite you to imagine yourself wearing the Ariel party dress: it’s nice to touch, it moves with you when you are shaking the soft body that hangs from the straps, while the skirt opens sensually to each of your steps allowing you to glimpse your legs and wear your sandals.
You will not go unnoticed with him, you will call the attention for his forceful presence and you will catch the glances in the naked of your back on the waist.